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Brand Ambassadors

I would like to introduce you to our global team of brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are nominated staff that have been appointed at each local site to help you out with any brand queries that you may have. Each brand ambassador has a master copy of the brand guidelines and digital template files should you require them. As we move ahead with the roll-out, brand ambassadors will also implement and coordinate other relevant elements of the branding at your local site, such as availability of updated templates or signage.

Site First Name Surname Email Tel
Singapore Aura Marie Marquez AuraMarie.Marquez@te.com 656-3705050
Costa Rica, HR Laura Molina laura.molina@te.com 506-21056819
Galway Maura Leahy maura.leahy@te.com 353-91-735229
Galway Emily Holohan emily.holohan@te.com 353-91-474292
(Trenton Lane)
Plymouth, MN
Teresa Hough teresa.hough@te.com 1-763-2258264
Tualatin, OR Diane Hunt diane.hunt@te.com 1-503-6124132
Campbell, CA Monica Margo monica.margo@te.com 1-408-3647100
(Cheshire Pkw),
Plymouth, MN
Randi Wins randi.wins@te.com  1-763-7440246  x131
Waterton, MA Jeri Lynne Roberts jerilynne.roberts@te.com 860-331-9935
Costa Rica, SJ Indira Granados indira.granados@te.com  
Eden Prairie, MN Susan Engelking susan.engelking@te.com  1-952-4864751
San Jose, CA Jeri Lynne Roberts jerilynne.roberts@te.com 860-331-9935


Maura Leahy
Maura Leahy
Marketing Manager
Emily Holohan
Marketing Executive
Teresa Hough
Office Manager
Plymouth, (Trenton Lane) MN


Randi Wins
Administrative Assistant
Plymouth, (Cheshire Pkw) MN
Susan Engelking
Sales & Marketing Specialist
Eden Prairie, MN
Monica Margo
Administrative Assistant
Campbell, CA


Diane Hunt
Quality Systems Manager
Tualatin, OR
Jeri Lynne Roberts
Sales & Marketing Specialist
San Jose, CA & Watertown, MA
Indira Granados
San Jose, Costa Rica


Laura Molina
HR Manager
Heredia, Costa Rica
AuraMarie Marquez
HR Executive