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Do I need to change my business card?

It is the intention of the integration team to minimize the costs associated with the re-branding of our company, therefore new business cards should not be immediately requested by everyone.

You need to get a new card immediately if:

  • You are a member of the senior management or site management teams
  • You interact/meet with customers on a frequent basis and this interaction is part of your day-to-day role, eg sales team, customer services

All other staff should continue to use their existing business cards until they have run out of supplies.  If by October 2017 you still have not used your existing supply of business cards, you can then request a new supply.

For individuals from the legacy Creganna Medical business who are ordering new business cards, please confirm your new @te.com email address with IT if you are unsure.

How to get a new business card

Legacy Creganna Medical sites

For new runs of business cards please contact the following people at your site to arrange for a print run:

Site Business Card Order Request To Contact Email
Galway, Ireland Carmel Costello carmel.costello@te.com
Tualatin, OR Erika Olson erika.olson@te.com
Campbell, CA Monica Margo monica.margo@te.com
Plymouth, MN  (Trenton Lane) Roseann Johnson roseann.johnson@te.com
Heredia, Costa Rica Melania Abarca melania.abarca@te.com
Singapore Wilson Tan wilson.tan@te.com
Legacy Advanced Cath sites

Please order your business card from the TE Connectivity centralized vendor, American Solutions for Business. Your new card template has been uploaded and is available for order from this location. Note, you will require a credit card/purchasing card to process your order. Please take appropriate care when providing your personal details to process your order as each individual is responsible for the details on their own card.

To access the centralized ordering system click this link:


Please note, for first time users, you will need to register on the site to process your business card order.

A tutorial showing you how to register for the vendor site is available here.

  • Once you have registered with the vendor please access the online portal.
  • Choose the “Business Card” option from either the menu bar option at the top of the page or scroll down the page to the “Business Card” option.
  • Within the business card page, choose the Creganna Medical business card and continue to process your order.

New business card example

This is an example of our new company business card.

Your market facing name/ business unit is by default ”Creganna Medical”. The only exception to this rule is for the Advanced Development Group, ie staff based at the former AdvancedCath site in San Jose. This team should reflect their business unit as ”Creganna Medical/AdvancedCath”.

For a small group  of individuals who have responsibility across the entire TE Medical business units, including both the Interventional AND Surgical and Cable sub-verticals, you will need to use the standard TE business card format. Please contact Caroline Egan (PA to SVP, Medical) to arrange for this card.


  • Your title should reflect what you currently use on your business card and/or your functional role within the organisation
  • Telephone, cell and fax numbers should be presented in standard international dialing format, ie (+ Country Code) XXX XXX XXX. For example:  (+353) 91 757 801 / (+1) 503 691 2027
  • Where you do not have a direct dial line facility, you can include an extension number in the format Ext. A comma should separate the main telephone number from the extension and the abbreviation Ext. is capitalized. Example (+123) 456 789, Ext. 555
  • Your email address will be firstname.lastname@te.com
  • The company website address on the front of the business card is www.creganna.com
  • The company website address on the reverse of the business card www.te.com