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External Name Change

Legacy Creganna Medical sites

For legacy Creganna Medical sites, please note that there is no change to the legal entities of the company, to our trading or “doing business as” names. We are simply reflecting our market facing brand – Creganna Medical – as now being part of TE Connectivity. We are doing this by joining the two logo types together and using this new joined logo across our customer touchpoints. This change does not impact how customers, suppliers or other external stakeholders do business with us. They will continue to do business with Creganna Medical as they do today.

Legacy AdvancedCath sites

For legacy AdvancedCath sites, you will now reflect the Creganna Medical brand across customer touchpoints. Please note that this change is a brand name change only and is not a change to any of the legal entities of the former AdvancedCath sites. Therefore, all sites will be registered with various local authorities as “trading as” or “doing business as” Creganna Medical with no change to the legal entity name associated with the site. This change does not impact how customers, suppliers or other external stakeholders do business with us; however customers will need to update their AVLs to reflect the new “trading/doing business as” names associated with former AdvancedCath sites.

Legal contracts of the company are not affected by the change in brand name except for a minimal number of contracts which require consent for assignment. The commercial team, in partnership with the legal team, will already have reached out to these limited number of customers prior to the notification letter of brand name change. All other customers are not affected.

Customer Notifications

We will be communicating the roll-out of Creganna Medical as the lead brand for the Interventional Medical business at TE Connectivity and the associated brand name change for AdvancedCath sites to our customers in the coming weeks. It may take some customers a period of time before they effect the changes on their internal systems and we are requesting that these changes be in place by June 2017 latest.

Other Stakeholders

The logos on POs and invoices will also change to reflect the new brand name with a target completion date of January 2017. This change has no impact on how customers/suppliers do business with us; it is simply a brand name change.

Please note that bank account details for all sites will not change.

Notification of the intended brand name change will also be sent to all suppliers in the coming weeks.

Other changes

Over the coming months, we will conduct audits of our signage at all facilities to develop a phased strategy for updates to signage. Your site brand ambassador will have more details on this strategy when finalized.