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Name and Logo

What does Creganna mean?

Creganna Medical is a name derived from the Gaelic (Irish) word cregan, meaning “rock.” It evokes strength, resilience and dependability. The name suggests that our customers can depend on us and that we have the strength and commitment to meet their needs.

What does TE mean?

Formed in June 2007, TE Connectivity came about from the corporate restructuring of a company named Tyco Electronics, now shortened to TE. The word Connectivity is intrinsic in our name as it is the belief inspiring everything we do. We are global technology leaders in a world in which every industry is being fundamentally transformed by connected things. At TE, Every Connection Counts.

The medical business at TE Connectivity is built upon a legacy of innovation and industry leading technologies including acquired companies operating in the healthcare market such as AMP, Raychem, Precision Interconnect and Measurement Specialties. For the Medical business at TE, our vision is to become the clear market leader through a customer-centric and employee-focused organization that drives and celebrates innovation, quality and excellence.

Today, TE Connectivity is a global $12 billion technology leader of over 70,000 colleagues, with 7,000 talented engineers operating in 150 countries and enabling innovation in a vast range of industries essential to modern life.

Connecting TE Connectivity and Creganna Medical – Our Logo

“The whole is greater then the sum of its parts”
– Artistotle

By linking TE Connectivity with Creganna Medical, we create a new standard in how we serve our customers by offering wider capabilities, deeper technical expertise and a greater global scale than ever before. It is important that we link the logos of both companies together so we constantly remind our customers of these combined strengths and the relationship between the companies.

To visually enable this link between the companies we have now created a ”lock-up” logo. This logo connects the Creganna Medical and TE Connectivity logos side by side using the term ”is part of” to join the brands together.

Our Logo


Using the lock-up logo

The strongest protection we can give our new logo is to use it consistently and correctly. Variations in use can eventually cause confusion, loss of recognition in the public arena and subsequent loss of our legal trademark protection.

To help protect our logo please note:

  • The lock-up logo presented above is a final form logo with all of its elements locked in their relative positions
  • You should never take the logo apart, only use partial elements, alter it in any way or try to recreate it on your own. Exceptions to this guideline and for certain templates have already been determined by Marketing and are contained within our style guide. If you have a query in relation to the use of the logo in small or other scale environments, please contact your local brand ambassador
  • The lock-up logo has been graphically developed to specifically agreed on proportionalities and to create a cohesion between the branding elements
  • The logo has been specifically drawn and should not appear in any other way
  • For the TE Connectivity and Creganna Medical logos, there are no standard font sets that directly correspond with the names so do not try to redraw the logo – always use the logo file formats which can be downloaded below

Download Logos Here

Main Logo Single Color Version Logo
download Creganna TE RGB JPG download Creganna TE Black PNG
download Creganna TE PNG download Creganna TE Black JPG
download Creganna_TE_White

How do I write the company name?

For employees working for TE Connectivity’s Interventional Medical business unit, you should identify yourself in writing under the company name Creganna Medical. The company name should be written as Creganna Medical and should never be shortened to an acronym when written, e.g. CM. It is acceptable to use the shortened version of the name, ie Creganna, but the full name is preferable.

It is recommended that when introducing the company for the first time you refer to the connection between TE Connectivity and Creganna Medical. For example, in an introductory email, you might write:

I am emailing you from Creganna Medical, TE’s Interventional business

You can simply refer to the company as Creganna Medical thereafter.

How do I say the company name?

The company name can be verbally spoken as Creganna Medical or can be shortened to Creganna - use whichever version is most comfortable for you.

Again, if you are introducing yourself to someone for the first time, you may choose to also identify the relationship.

I work for Creganna Medical, TE’s Interventional Medical business
I work for TE’s Interventional business, Creganna Medical

Pronunciation Guide

Creganna is pronounced [Craig – Anna]


Creganna Main Tagline Creganna Single Color Version Tagline
download Creganna Tagline RGB JPG download Creganna Tagline Black JPG
download Creganna Tagline RGB PNG download Creganna Tagline Black PNG
download Creganna Tagline White PNG
TE Main Tagline TE Single Color Version Tagline
download TE Tagline RGB JPG download TE Tagline Black JPG
download TE Tagline RGB PNG download TE Tagline Black PNG
download TE Tagline White PNG

As a general rule of thumb, always use the Creganna Medical tagline.

There will be exceptional circumstances where the TE Connectivity tagline will be used in conjunction with the lock-up logo, mainly in marketing material or by the global talent acquisition/HR teams. If you wish to use the TE Connectivity tagline outside of these activities, please contact your brand ambassador for approval.

partnersblue connectionorange


Straplines summarise what a brand stands for in just a few words and are commonly used in marketing materials or to support brand messaging. Our company strapline is:


Where it is feasible to use the strapline in place of the tagline you should do so, eg presentations, site signage.

JPG Strapline PNG Strapline
download Strapline Black JPG download Strapline Black PNG
download Strapline Blue JPG download Strapline Blue PNG
download Strapline Orange JPG download Strapline Orange PNG
download Strapline White PNG

Standard Corporate Font

Our standard corporate font is Arial. This font should be used in all written and presentation materials. In standardly written communications, ie email and Word documents, 10pt sizing is recommended.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines also referred to as a style or brand book, are essentially a set of rules that explain how a brand works. Consistency is key in building brand equity; our brand guidelines help us to achieve this consistency. The brand guidelines document is a useful document to share with external vendors working with our brand.