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Online – Website and Social Media


The company website address is:


In addition to the Creganna Medical website, the TE Connectivity website also contains information on Interventional and Medical Solutions. The TE Connectivity website can be accessed at www.te.com and the Medical solutions area can be accessed here.

The company website is in the process of being updated on a phased basis to fully reflect our brand evolution, our connection to TE and new capabilities and locations. As part of that process, content from the Creganna Medical website will also be integrated into the TE Connectivity website over time so that both brands reflect and reinforce each other for digital marketing purposes.

The Creganna Medical website will continue for the future.

Social Media

Social media is meant to drive engagement and visibility around our brand to relevant audiences. The goal for social content is to maximize shareability, findability and relatability and drive connections between our employees and customers in meaningful ways.

TE Social Media Policies

For new users to the TE network you cannot gain access to social media tools until your have reviewed the relevant TE policies. Please visit the following site for details:

To gain access to social media tools, you will need to agree to certain participation guidelines, specifically:


The most relevant social media tool for Creganna Medical is LinkedIn.

The official company profile on LinkedIn can be accessed here, company name Creganna Medical.

For former AdvancedCath staff using LinkedIn, you will need to manually update your profile to now show your company as Creganna Medical. Updates of your “company” in LinkedIn are configured by each user, so please check and make necessary changes yourself as changes do not occur automatically.

The Creganna Medical logo on our LinkedIn profile will be updated to reflect our relationship as part of TE Connectivity.

Please note that when you post on LinkedIn as a company employee you are effectively representing the company on a social platform. Always remember:

  • Always adhere to TE Compliance and Ethics standards in social and digital environments
  • Never disclose sensitive commercial details such as customer projects or customer names in your profile
  • Keep things simple
  • Always be professional
  • When in doubt, use good judgement

All employees are required to train and complete modules for TE Connectivity’s Compliance and Ethics standards which also includes specific details for conduct in digital environments. Please contact your local HR representative if you have not completed this training.

Twitter and YouTube

The company’s official Twitter account is Creganna Medical. The Twitter handle is @CregannaMedical

The company’s official YouTube account is Creganna Medical TV.

You may wish to subscribe/follow these social media tools for company updates posted on these platforms into the future.

The Creganna Medical logo on our Twitter and YouTube profiles will be updated to reflect our relationship as part of TE Connectivity.

Social Media Tools – TE Connectivity

The following are social media tools used by TE Connectivity. We encourage you to connect with TE’s social ecosystem to learn more about the company.

social-icon-linkedin LinkedIn:
social-icon-linkedin TE Connectivity’s Engineer Connection:
social-icon-twitter Twitter:
social-icon-facebook Facebook:
social-icon-youtube YouTube:
social-icon-googleplus Google+:
social-icon-instagram Instagram: