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Presentations are an important opportunity to reinforce our brand, both internally and externally.

Presentation software provides a flexible medium for presenting information in a variety of ways; however, this flexibility introduces an opportunity to easily veer away from our brand-building design language. Presenting a consistent look in all our communications takes a disciplined approach, and these easy-to-use templates have been created to provide maximum flexibility and impact.

Sizes, styles and the color palette have been built into the templates to make formatting easy and charts attractive.

PowerPoint templates are available in both widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3 sizes.

Basic PowerPoint Template

A new standard PowerPoint template is now available. The template should be used for all presentations, both internal and external. The template has been carefully developed to reflect elements of the branding of TE Connectivity and Creganna Medical.

Download the Creganna Medical Master PowerPoint Template here

16×9 Widescreen Presentation


The basic PowerPoint template provides a number of slide types:

  • Title slide
  • Standard header & bullet point content slide – 1 line title (most popular type of slide)
  • Standard header & bullet point content slide – 2 line title
  • Two column slide with header
  • Title only slide
  • Blank slide
  • Picture with caption slide
  • Section divider or last slide containing strapline

For existing presentations in old Creganna Medical or AdvancedCath branding, the new template should be applied to any presentation materials that you are reusing, either internally or externally.

Download the TE Master PowerPoint Template here

To access TE Connectivity’s master templates please visit this link on the myTE brand resources page.

16:9 and 4:3 versions of the TE powerpoint template are available – it is recommended to always use the 16:9, widescreen version.

How to update existing presentations with a new PowerPoint Template

  1. Open a new template and select ‘Save as Template’ (.potx).
  2. Choose a suitable folder or your desktop location. Save the new template in this folder or onto your desktop.
  3. Open the existing presentation you wish to update with the new template.
  4. Under ‘Themes’, dropdown to select ‘Browse Themes’ and locate and select the new presentation template that you saved as a .potx in your chosen folder or on your desktop.

TE Corporate Presentations

Below are links to the current presentation materials relating to TE Connectivity and how our  Medical business unit sits within the overall TE Connectivity story. As we progress our branding roll-out, new presentation materials will become available and we will update as appropriate.

download TE Connectivity TE Medical Overview Presentation – no video
download TE Connectivity TE Medical Overview Presentation – with video

These presentations are intended as a starting point when presenting Creganna Medical as part of TE Connectivity in an external environment. Presentations should always be customized for your audience and rehearsed before use.

Protecting Customer Information Presentation – Medical

How do our customers know that their ideas, know-how, designs and products are safe in our hands? Use these slides to demonstrate how we protect our customer’s information at Creganna Medical, TE Connectivity.

TE Medical Customer Information Protection

TE Medical Presentations

Below are links to the current presentation materials relating to TE Connectivity’s Medical business. As we progress our branding roll-out, new presentation materials will become available and we will update as appropriate.

download TE Medical – “One Medical” deck   – script
download TE Medical Sites Overview Deck

Metal, Devices & Creganna Medical – Technologies & Services Presentation

A detailed presentation is available which presents all our various technologies and capabilities in the Metals and Devices businesses. The slides in this presentation can be appended to the standard corporate presentation for technical presentations or depending on your audience.
download Creganna Medical Overview Presentation
download Creganna Medical Technologies & Capabilities
download US Design Center presentationscript
download Galway Design Center presentation

Interconnect Overview Presentation

Below are links to the current presentation materials relating to TE’s Surgical & Imaging or Interconnect business within medical. These slides are accompanied by a script to support the presentation slides.

download Surgical & Imaging overview presentation
download Surgical & Imaging overview deck script

Therapy & Application Presentations

Therapy and application presentations enable you to present TE capabilities for specific clinical and therapeutic applications or product types/categories. As new presentations become available this list will be updated.

download IVD & Fluid Handling – Metals Solutions
download Imaging deckImaging script
download Specialty Sheaths, Creganna/TE capability
download Heat Shrink Tubing deckHeat Shrink Tubing script
download Structural Heart deck  – Structural Heart script
download Neurovascular deck  – Neurovascular script
download Surgical Robotics, TE capability – with video
download Surgical Robotics, TE capability – without video
download VERSIO Catheter Connector

Presentation Best Practice

  • All external presentations should begin with the corporate presentation slides above, which are mandatory slides
  • Presentations can be supported by the “support slide deck” which contains standard detailed slides on our individual products, services and technologies
  • Every presentation should be customized for your target audience using the corporate presentation and the relevant slides from the support deck
  • You can create additional custom slides within your presentation (e.g. project update, technical review, business overview) simply by inserting a new slide and typing your content
  • Always rehearse your slides before presenting so that you are comfortable with the key messages and content
  • All internal presentations should use the standard presentation template

Note: For some users, your local IT services will have configured the network so that the PowerPoint template is available from the standard PowerPoint template menu within the Microsoft application. If available at your site, please always work from these locations, as the content of the corporate presentation will change as the company evolves. If you do not know if you have this availability at your site, please contact your local IT administration team.