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Email Address

The email address format for all Interventional employees is:


If you share the same name as another TE employee, the IT team will inform you directly on your alternative firstname.lastname email identifier.

Please note that for all legacy @creganna.com users you will still be able to receive email to your old @creganna.com email address but you will only be able to send from your new @te.com email address.

Email Signatures

Your email signature, like a printed business card, is an important and highly visible part of our brand and all email signatures should be consistent throughout the organization. The following guidelines should be used by employees.

Standard email signatures follow the structure below:
















Samples of all standard signature types at TE, including those for Interventional/Creganna employees are available from this link on myTE:


You can also download a sample of a standard email signature below, then simply copy, paste and customize your signature within Outlook.

Interventional/Creganna Employees TE Medical Employees
For employees of TE’s Interventional business unit, your email should reflect the lead brand, Creganna Medical. This is the download for the standard email signature for employees within TE’s Interventional business and Creganna Medical. Your business unit is Creganna Medical. This is the download of the standard email signature for those either with functional responsibility across all of TE’s medical business (i.e. pan-medical) or those in our Surgical & Imaging business. Your business unit is Medical.
Download .msg file with signature  (scroll to the bottom of this file) Download .msg file with signature

Please note – if you are unsure which format to use, contact your local brand ambassador. For the vast majority of the staff you will use the first email signature above, ie Interventional Employees.

Here are instructions on how to change your email signature in Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Download and open the appropriate .msg template file above
  2. Select all content (Ctrl-a), then copy all content (Ctrl-c)
  3. Open the Outlook signatures window to create a new signature: File > Options > section Mail > button Signatures… > button New
  4. Paste the content into the signature box (Ctrl-v)
  5. Edit the text with your personal information. Do not make changes to the color or size of the text or images.
  6. Set the signature for both new messages and replies/forwards
  7. Click OK and Save

Note: Images will look best when Windows text/dpi scaling is set to 100%

When completed, please test your new email signature. It should look like the sample signature below for an Interventional/Creganna employee.
















Email and Signature Guidelines

  • General email guidelines
  1. Your email signature is a direct representation of our company’s viewpoint and as such, personal quotations or philosophical statements should not be included as part of your signature, neither should custom graphics, other logos, animations or promotions.
  2.  Email should be typed in our standard company font: Arial, 9 pt.
  3. Use a plain white background for all emails.
  4. Depending on your local system configuration, your email header area may be customizable to contain a photo. If you choose to place a photo in this area the only permissible image is your professional photo, portrait style. Alternative photos, custom graphics, other logos, animations or promotions are not permissible in this area.
  • Email signature guidelines
  1. Do not abbreviate to E: for email, T: for telephone etc.
  2. You do not have to include your cell/mobile number in your email address, however if you have a company issued device you are encouraged to include the number.
  3. You can include a fax number if you wish as an extra line item and if a fax line exists at your site.
  4. The words mobile/cell can be used interchangeably.
  5. Where you do not have a direct dial facility, you can include an extension number in the format Ext. A comma should separate the main telephone number from the extension and the abbreviation Ext. is capitalized. Example +1 23456 789, Ext. 555
  6. Telephone, cell and fax numbers should be presented in standard international dialing format, ie + Country XXX XXX XXX. Example: +353 91 757 801 / +1 503 691 2027
  7. Your email signature must include a graphic logo and a hyperlink to the graphic logo.
  8. Your email signature must include icon elements and hyperlinks to our social media channels.
  9. For those in commercial functions, sales or recruiting, you may optionally include a link to your personalized LinkedIn profile under your email address. Please ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. The link to your personal profile on LinkedIn should be placed directly after your email address and before your mailing address. Click here to learn where to find your personal profile url on LinkedIn. A typical link to a LinkedIn profile is as follows: www.linkedin.com/in/firstnamelastname 

See how it’s done

See below a guide video on how to access and customize your signature in Microsoft Outlook. Please note that instead of typing in your signature you must copy and paste in a signature from the .msg files listed in the table above. Simply then customize your signature details within Outlook.

Out of Office Messages

Always use the out of office message when appropriate, eg you are traveling or on vacation. It is recommended that you outline the following in your out of office message:

  • Duration for which you are traveling or unavailable
  • State if you will be periodically checking email or not
  • Provide an alternative contact or number for urgent email communications

For an online guide on how to use and configure the out of office feature in Microsoft Outlook, please click here.